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Civil Disobedience Training

Date: 10:00am - 2:00pm PDT April 13 Location: Templeton Campus Center – SEED Office

  • Civi lDisobedience
    Civi lDisobedience

Templeton Campus Center – SEED Office

Do you want to be on the frontline of activism? Or know how to organize effective direct actions? Join us this Saturday from 10am to 2pm for a civil disobedience training!  We will meet in the SEED office (next to KLC). Lunch will be provided. The training will be led by Rising Tide, an international climate change action network. It will aim to provide us with the necessary skills to participate in civil disobedience, including informing us of the risks involved, and sharing tips for strategizing effective actions. The final goal of the event is for all participants to collectively organize an action that challenges a common issue we see within our community or society.

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