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Gender Studies Symposium

Gender Studies Symposium Keynote Event: From Heroes to Supermaids to TNTS

Date: 7:00pm PDT March 14 Location: Templeton Campus Center Council Chamber

Templeton Campus Center Council Chamber

38th Annual Gender Studies Symposium

Thursday, March 14th

7 p.m., Templeton Campus Center, Council Chamber
Keynote Presentation

From Heroes and Supermaids to TNTs: Racial Branding and the Geopolitics of Care Work

Anna Guevarra, award-winning author and associate professor and founding director of global Asian studies, University of Illinois at Chicago

Presentation abstract: This presentation examines the organization and brokering of global care labor through the process of what I call ‘racial branding,’ a process that indelibly marks the comparative advantage of immigrant labor. Centering this discussion on the Philippines—a nation that brands itself as the home of the “dakilang manggagawa,” and the “great care worker” in particular—I explore the gendered moral economy of an institutionalized system of labor export represented by Filipinx care workers. Such care workers are represented by the iconic figures that haunt the Philippine social imaginary—ranging from the ubiquitous self-sacrificing Filipina nurse, the “supermaid” who re-trains in order to offer “premium” services, and even the undocumented “irregular migrant,” the TNTs (tago ng tago; always in hiding)—all of whom have come to represent the added value of the Filipinx diasporic worker. In this talk, I illustrate how global care labor operates through the logic of race and gender, show how the processes of racial branding organize the global care chains, and explore their implications for global/local movement building in this neoliberal capitalist world order.

Read more about Anna Guevarra here.

Introduced by Megan Glavin, L&C ’19 and symposium co-chair

American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation will be provided. For additional information about accessibility, please consult our “Events Details” page.

No tickets needed. Please note that seating is limited. First-come seating.

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