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Good Work with Ibrahim Mubarak

Date: 5:30pm - 6:30pm PST February 18 Location: J.R. Howard Hall 122

  • Ibrahim

J.R. Howard Hall 122

Ibrahim B Mubarak, is a renowned leader in the Activist Community for over 25 years. As a champion for Houseless Rights, he has dedicated himself to improving the many struggles of the disenfranchised and Houseless Community. Ibrahim, co-founded Dignity Village in the late 1990’s and in 2010, on World Houseless Awareness Day, he co-founded along with other members of Right 2 Survive, a rest area called Right 2 Dream Too.


In 2009, Ibrahim founded Right 2 Survive, a group made up of Houseless, formerly Houseless People and their allies and supporters, to educate the Houseless Communities for exercising their Civil, Constitutional and Human Rights. Since then he has held various board positions including: Chairperson, VP, and Outreach Coordinator for many powerful organizations.


Ibrahim is currently a Co-Chair on Jobs with Justice, Chairperson of WRAP and Executive Director of Right 2 Survive.


Ibrahim, as he travels throughout the country, has facilitated many forums and discussions on the root causes and systemic changes that encompass the houseless community. He has advised City Officials, Community Leaders, Neighborhood Associations and the Business Community on many issues. He has presented Powerpoint Presentations for training police, park rangers, City and State workers, social service providers and social justice organizations. He also teaches, gives lectures on campuses and conducts workshops at Local and Nationally led forums on how to create houseless tent cities, tiny house villages and rest areas, address systemic issues and create, constructive, positive solutions to Houselessness.


Ibrahim most recently is committed to working with the WRAP Coalition of Organizations to bring the Houseless Bill of Rights Campaign to States across the West. (California, Oregon and Colorado have introduced legislation).

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