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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

BCMB Seminar: Kimberly E. Beatty, PhD

Date: 4:00pm PST February 27 Location: JR Howard 116

JR Howard 116

Kimberly E. Beatty of OHSU will be giving a seminar on February 27, titled “VIP Tags: A new technology for imaging cellular proteins.” 

Please join us for snacks at 3:45 pm.

Abstract: The Beatty group is developing a new technology for imaging proteins that uses Versatile Interacting Peptide (VIP) tags. These genetically-encoded tags are mediated by a heterodimeric coiled-coil interaction. VIP tags are small (5-7 kDa) and compatible with a variety of chemical reporters (e.g., gold, Qdots, organic dyes). This seminar will provide an overview of genetically encoded tags and how these tags are being used to image the iron uptake machinery.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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