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Tracing The Origins Of Code. A talk by Dr. Melanie Feakins

Date: 4:30pm PST November 12, 2018 Location: Miller 105

Miller 105

How and why Russian coders were made invisible?

Software designed, programmed, and tested in Russia is often disconnected from Russia when it reaches the end-clients or end-users elsewhere.  Misrecognition of the source and site of code production creates a curious set of questions, mostly about the necessity of obscuring and the invisibility of the offshore.  This talk examines case studies from two Russian firms and their “use’ of invisibility.


A talk by Dr. Melanie Feakins, Visiting Research Fellow@The Institute of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies  @ UC Berkeley.

Hosted by the Russian Section @ Lewis & Clark College.

Miller 105



Event Contact

Dr. Maria Hristova, Russian Section Head

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