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E&D Colloquium: Journey of Identity and the Law (Portlandia meets Italia)

Date: 1:50pm - 2:50pm PST February 20, 2019 Location: Agnes Flanagan Chapel

  • Poster for 2_20_2018 Event
    Poster for 2_20_2018 Event

Agnes Flanagan Chapel

Fifth and final lecture in the Exploration & Discovery 2018-2019 Colloquium Series:  Civic Engagement and the Common Good

Attended by all E&D students and faculty, this event features an exciting panel: 

  • Elias Williamson, Current L&C student, Double Major: Math & Music ’20
  • Nora Beck, Director of the Core, James W. Rogers Professor of Music, the parent in landmark LGBTQ adoption rights case
  • Janet W. Steverson, Douglas K. Newell Professor of Law, Lewis & Clark Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, teaches Family Law
  • Nan Waller, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge, who presided over the US adoption
  • Claudio Pezzi, Attorney in International Commerical Law and Private International Law, argued the landmark Italian case

This event is free and open to the Lewis & Clark Community.

Exploration and Discovery

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