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E&D Spring Kick-Off Colloquium: “South Asia on the Oregon Trail”

Date: 1:50pm - 2:50pm PST January 23 Location: Agnes Flanagan Chapel

  • January 2019 E&D Colloquium
    January 2019 E&D Colloquium

Agnes Flanagan Chapel

Fourth lecture in the Exploration & Discovery 2018-2019 Colloquium Series:  Civic Engagement and the Common Good. 

Attended by all E&D students and faculty, this event features an exciting panel inspired by the Netflix documentary “Wild, Wild Country” and will examine ways that South Asian culture intersects with Oregon. 

  • Ranjani Krishnan (’06), musician and high school math teacher
  • Randy Porter, Grammy-nominated jazz pianist and Lewis & Clark Professor
  • Ayesha Freeman, Principal of Cleveland High School
  • Yash Bisht, Lewis & Clark student
  • Blair Orfall, L&C staff member.  Coordinator for the Keck ILC and leading the L&C overseas trip to India for Fall 2019
  • Niren Toelkes, former lawyer and follower of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, now life coach/meditation trainer

This event is free and open to the Lewis & Clark Community.

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Exploration and Discovery

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