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Teaching Excellence Program

TEP Innovation Institute featuring Dr. David Betancourt

Date: 9:00am - 4:30pm PDT May 13 Location: Albany, Smith Hall

  • Dr. Betancourt
    Dr. Betancourt

Albany, Smith Hall

The Innovation Institute is a daylong event that will take place Monday, May 13 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The event will feature presentations and panel discussions from CAS faculty members who have participated in TEP sponsored initiatives, as well as a keynote lecture and workshop led by Dr. David Betancourt.

Dr. Betancourt’s workshop will explore expansive education in depth.  Is there more to education than content delivery, test results, and degrees? Expansive education champions pedagogy that embraces the concepts of learning dispositions, habits of mind, and expandable intelligence as central to the engagement and success of students in and beyond their formal educational years. The focus on this professional learning experience will be on the ten choices that expansive educators make towards engaging and creating transformative educational experiences for students that transcend the confines of the classroom walls.

Dr. David Betancourt travels internationally as a creative and dynamic educational consultant to promote pedagogical excellence within multiple teaching and learning environments. His core mission is to engage, equip, and connect educators to create and integrate transformative learning experiences using evidence-based practices. Professor Betancourt is a strong advocate for the expansive education movement, experiential learning models, service learning, the habits of minds initiative, the growth mindset, and an overarching teaching philosophy that incorporates learning dispositions as central to the educational experience. He is the Coordinator for the award-winning Center for Teaching Excellence at Cerritos College and was recognized as the most outstanding faculty in 2016.

There is no charge for those who pre-register and breakfast, lunch and afternoon refreshments are included. 

CAS faculty who attend the full day workshop (9am-4:30pm) are eligible for a stipend of $125. Lewis & Clark College staff, administrators, and graduate and law school faculty are welcome to register and attend the event but are not eligible for the stipend. 

Only members of the Lewis & Clark community may register.

Space is limited, so please complete the registration form linked under “related content” by Monday, April 22.

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