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E&D Kick-Off Lecture: “This is America”: Childish Gambino, Plato and the Search for Truth

Date: 1:30pm - 2:30pm PDT August 31, 2018 Location: Agnes Flanagan Chapel

  • Poster for Fall 2018 E&D Kick-Off Lecture

Agnes Flanagan Chapel

First lecture in the Exploration & Discovery 2018-2019 Colloquium Series:           Civic Engagement and the Common Good. 

Attended by all E&D students and faculty, this event features an exciting panel: 

  • Kim Cameron-Dominguez, Assistant Professor in the Sociology and Anthropology Department. Her areas of scholarly interest include gender, race and ethnicity, affect and labor, urban and transnational anthopology, bureaucracy and communiative forms.
  • Tremaine Johnson, educator, commentator, and writer for Rolling Stone Magazine.  Johnson’s media appearances can be seen at PBS NewsHour, CBS This Morning, CNN Tonight w/ Don Lemon.
  • Gabriela Lopez, Lewis & Clark student ’19

We will show the video and discuss different interpretations of it and relate it to your assigned Plato dialogues.  After each member of the panel gives a brief presentation, we will open the discussion to the audience. Each student will receive a notecard on which to write a question.  If you like, you can go to the microphone and ask the panelists a question.

Exploration and Discovery

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