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Animal Activist Jenny Brown Comes to LC!

Date: 7:30pm - 9:00pm PDT April 18, 2018 Location: Miller 102

  • 2012 Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Miller 102

Come hear nationally renowned animal rights activist Jenny Brown, founder of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, on Wednesday, April 18, in MIller 102.

Located in New York, Woodstock is one of the most renowned sanctuaries for farm animals in the USA. Before founding Woodstock, Jenny was in the film business, and later went to Texas to document farm animal cruelty.

Jenny now does a full-time national speaking tour to raise awareness of the “plight” of the animals used in the food system. Jenny says, “My presentations challenge students and groups to take a closer look at our food system and the uncomfortable truths behind it. No matter our dietary choices, thinking about what is at stake with eating animals allows us to critically examine our traditions, our culture(s), and the relationship between us and the world. It forces us to think about our consumption habits and the ethics of our everyday choices.”

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