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Mathematical Sciences

The Construction of an Optical Motion Capture System

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PDT April 19, 2018

Honors Thesis:

The Construction of an Optical Motion Capture System
By Shelby Ziccardi ’18 CSMT Major

Motion capture, as a method of collecting data from motion in order to reproduce it, is becoming more and more popular in many different industries today. From the entertainment to the medical industry, the most common form is optical motion capture. In order to be fully effective, optical systems require a huge number of expensive camera equipment and are practically impossible for the casual user to implement. Thus, there is a distinct need for a low-cost and more user-friendly software.

I created a low-cost optical motion capture system that necessitates only two cameras and is relatively simple to use. By utilizing computational linear algebra methods, computer vision theory, and more, the resultant system captures the motion of a marker in three dimensions and allows it to be played back graphically from any angle.

Software such as this, will make complex and expensive software applications more accessible to casual users.

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