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Trackers Earth Info Session

Date: 9:00am - 2:00pm PDT April 10 Location: Howard Parking Lot

Howard Parking Lot

Trackers Earth teaches old-school outdoor skills, wilderness survival, and nature connection. We build relationships between people and the land.


Trackers Earth is an outdoor education organization and summer camp founded in 2004 that now serves more than 15,000 students annually. We offer camp programs, homeschool enrichment, after-school programs, weekend adventures, and more. Trackers leads the way in truly innovative wilderness education. Our curriculum runs the gamut of hands-on outdoor skills: Archery, tracking, fishing, woodcarving, live-action role-playing, and even zombie apocalypse survival training.


If interested, register for this info session and learn more in JR Howard 100 Level Lobby!

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