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Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Personal Financial Literacy

Date: 4:00pm - 5:30pm PDT April 11, 2018 Location: J.R. Howard, Room 302

J.R. Howard, Room 302

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It is expensive to be poor. Learn how to manage your income, credit, savings and investments so that your money goes further. This is not a lecture, but an engaging workshop that is fun (as well as useful).

Meredith Goddard has a decade of high school teaching experience in public and private schools. Most recently, Meredith spent five years at Catlin Gabel School where she started the school’s economics program, created a new 9th grade social studies curriculum, directed Senior Projects, and founded Startup Camp, a weekend-long entrepreneurship challenge open to all Portland area high school students.

Meredith is passionate about breaking down the barriers between school and the world. She left the classroom to launch Five Years In, an educational initiative to prepare young people for the future of work. Meredith develops learning experiences and strategies to to provide young people with the skills, connections, experiences and online presence needed to thrive in the innovation economy.

Meredith is a strategy coach for students to define and find success in the world outside of school. Her “In & Edge” coaching is designed to help students translate their academic successes to workplace needs, claim a mission statement, develop a powerful network, and own a compelling online identity that invites opportunities now and into the future. She is passionate about helping young people overcome the “experience gap” and preparing students to thrive in a freelance world.

Outside of work, Meredith reads voraciously, runs long distances, and spends as much time as possible with her husband, young daughter, and chocolate lab.