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The Craft of Class Presentations: Sharing Research Effectively

Date: 3:00pm - 4:15pm PDT April 4 Location: J.R. Howard Hall 102

J.R. Howard Hall 102

Have you ever been to a presentation that puts you to sleep? Struggled to fit the fascinating research you’ve done for your paper into a twenty minute presentation? Tried to follow a Prezi presentation that has more colors than a kaleidoscope? Presentations are impressive when they engage an audience’s attention, offer useful information, and raise thought-provoking questions. In this workshop, students will have a chance to analyze sample presentations while considering how to organize and incorporate research into their own. We’ll also cover how to use spoken and body language, as well as audio-visual aids, to effectively convey your ideas.

This is the third workshop in THE KEY THREE: Research, Writing, and Presentation Skills series for E&D. 

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Questions? Please contact the College Advising Center in Albany 206 at or 503-768-7600.