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Artist talk by Hap Tivey

Date: 6:30pm PST January 23, 2018 Location: Miller 102

  • Red, 2016
    Red, 2016
    Beverly Enso

Miller 102

Hap Tivey began creating light installations and sculptures during the late sixties in Los Angeles.  By 1973 he had made dozens of outdoor light works in the desert outside Palm Springs and a complex of interior light spaces that he exhibited in his Pasadena studio.  These early creations reflected the influence of L.A. light artists such as James Turrell, with whom he collaborated on large-scale search light structures.  During the 70’s he produced a large body of light installations in public galleries that invited viewers into large fields of undifferentiated light, where they experienced intensely saturated color with apparently infinite depth.  Many of those works produced the impression of looking into deep cloudless skies, and in the case of the Irvine and Spring Street Situations, the viewer was literally enveloped by that empty light.


For more than thirty years, Tivey’s art has investigated the phenomena of light.  In installation, painting, sculpture and projection, he pursued the concrete experience of light as well as the emotional and theoretical implications it holds for the human condition.


Hap Tivey’s talk is in Conjunction with

Art 311: Studio Seminar On Contemporary Art Theory And Practice

Visiting Artist Lecture Series


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