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Natural History Books Reception

Date: 6:00pm - 8:00pm PDT November 2, 2017 Location: Gregg Pavilion

Gregg Pavilion

Special Collections at Lewis & Clark College is pleased to announce the loan of 14 books of exceptional importance to our understanding of natural history.

Highlights of the collection include first editions of Charles Darwin’s Descent of Man (1871), Henry Stanley’s Through the Dark Continent: The Sources of the Nile (1878), David Livingstone’s Missionary Travels & Researches in South Africa (1845), and Henry Swineburne’s Travels Through Spain (1779). As important for what they tell us about the history of biological science as for bearing witness to 19th century British colonialism, these volumes will be used in a range of history courses this fall.

To celebrate the new access to these volumes, we will be holding a reception and lecture in the Diane Gregg Pavillion at 6:00 pm on November 2. Professor Richard Beyler (PSU) will speak on Darwin’s theory of evolution and the progressive political stances it led him to adopt. He will particularly focus on Darwin’s perspectives on abolition, equality, and justice. Considering the continued relevance of Darwin’s philosophy, as well as his science, to our political situation today, Professor Beyler’s lecture will demonstrate the importance of these rare volumes to our understanding of the past, as well as our current moment.

The reception will include a display of several of the most significant volumes from the collection. Dessert will be served after the lecture.


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