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Lunch with a leader: Dr. Brian Gross

Date: 11:30am - 1:00pm PST November 14, 2017 Location: J.R. Howard, Room 302

  • Portrait of Brian Gross, MD, FACC, of Southern Oregon Cardiology, Job 1168.
    Portrait of Brian Gross, MD, FACC, of Southern Oregon Cardiology, Job 1168.
    © 2009 Brian Prechtel, all rights reserved.

J.R. Howard, Room 302

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Dr. Brian Gross

Meet the doctor who designed a protocol for treating major heart attacks that has resulted in thousands of lives saved. Listen to an idea about a simple app that can reduce electrical heart attack deaths and brainstorm with him how even more thousands of lives can be saved.

Cardiac doctors sat at yet another weekly meeting lamenting “if only” about saving heart attack victims. Acute major heart attacks treated with emergency coronary artery stenting have been described as “the most complex, multi-disciplinary, time-sensitive, therapeutic intervention in the world of medicine today.” Talk turned to “what if” and Dr. Brian Gross developed a protocol and convinced competing medical interests to collaborate and try it out. Deaths dropped from 8.6% to 2.1%. It was replicated nationwide resulting in thousands of lives saved by this paradigm change. Now he is involved with an app that can reduce electrical heart attack deaths.

From Boy Scout days to medical school, Dr. Brian Gross was driven by a desire to save lives. He received his BA in Biology from Wesleyan University in CT, graduated University of Rochester Medical School, completed his internship and residency at Dartmouth and then the Cardiology Fellowship program at the University of Washington which then appointed him an Assistant Professor of Medicine. He has published numerous articles, received many awards, and practices medicine in Oregon between river rafting trips.


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