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Mathematical Sciences

2 Math Talks: Knots and Solar Irradiance

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PDT April 30, 2014 Location: JR Howard Hall 132

JR Howard Hall 132

Knots and their applications

Eve will be talking briefly about knots and their invariants, and then will delve into the applications of knot theory, which involve cryptography, topology, physics and science, particularly DNA and the process by which it untangles and copies itself.

 Mathematical Modeling of Solar Irradiance

Izzy Brown will present a portion of her work from her independent study this semester. She will speak on the mathematical modeling of solar position, the techniques used to calculate extraterrestrial, direct, and diffuse irradiance, and modeling techniques for sloped surfaces. She will also talk about further possible applications concerning crop growth and yield.