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Alumni Hood to Coast Team 2017: August 24-26

Date: August 24, 2017 - August 26, 2017

  • 2017 Alumni Hood to Coast Team
    2017 Alumni Hood to Coast Team

Team Captain and President of the Board of Alumni, Hillary Dixon ’99, will lead our team, the Pioneer Pacesetters, from mountain top to the ocean. Representing alumni from across the decades, our full team roster also includes:


Aaron Whiteford ’00

Peter Dempsey ’01

Chris Ohman ’77*

Lauren Brown ’10

Richard Sames ’12

Spencer Czapiewski ’09

Stacey Kim ’94

Justine Hanlon ’06

Josh Heim ’01*

Juniper Hunter ’97

Sarah Lowell Holtzclaw ’88

Hillary Dixon ’99*


Edgard Garcia ’92 - Driver

Nate Romine ’14 - Driver


Ginger Moshofsky ’83 - Advance team

John Moshofsky ’85 - Advance team


Adam Dixon ’01 - Volunteer

Josh Aller - Volunteer

Hanako Imber ’10* - Volunteer

*Board of Alumni members


The team will have its first official meeting on Thursday, August 24th on L&C’s campus. Van #1 will depart from campus late Friday morning heading to Timberline Lodge for a start time of 1:30 p.m. After many miles, several exchange stops, quick rest breaks, and time for food, water and, no doubt, many memorable moments, our mighty team will meet up near the finish line to run the last several yards with our final runner.


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Big thanks to our campus partners:  Campus Living, Bon Appetit Food Service, Athletics, and the Bookstore for supporting us in this adventure! Also, thanks to the Kocher family - Tanya Kocher Jones ’92, Kindra Jones ’19, Rustam Kocher ’93 - for sharing their Seaside home with us. Our team appreciates all of you!