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Ethnic Studies

Civil Disobedience Workshop

Date: 5:00pm PDT April 20, 2017 Location: Miller Hall

Miller Hall

This workshop is a response to the danger our country and the world faces in the wake of Donald Trump’s unconstitutional and illegal actions as president. In order to effectively oppose Trump’s agenda, we will look back to previous movements that employed civil disobedience as well as look forward as we develop new tactics that respond to our reality. The course is organized around a variety of themes that will explore the philosophy of civil disobedience as well as examining historical examples from the US and around the world of liberation and civil rights movements. 

The subtitle of the course, “history and praxis,” is meant to highlight that we can learn from the past and from the interplay between theory and practice (praxis). In addition to studying social movements, we will invite local Portland organizers in to the class to share their perspectives on the present moment of crisis.

The workshop will employ a Freyrian pedagogy that seeks to empower all participants in the class, rather than a teacher-centered model that assumes the teacher has all the answers. The facilitators each week will propose readings for the class that will be distributed on Google Classroom. Participants will be encouraged to add readings, videos, music, etc. to the stream.

Although this workshop has been organized by Ethnic Studies, and largely facilitated by professors, there is no academic credit for this class. Everyone receives an A. 

5- 6:30 PM
Miller 210 and Miller 104

Ethnic Studies Workshop

Study Past Movements

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No Credit

Free & Open to Public

Civil Disobedience Syllabus (click on photo below)



Feb. 9  Workshop Organizing: Latest thoughts on Resistance

Feb. 16 Philosophy and Civil Disobedience, Miller 104

Feb. 23 Latin American and Latinix Struggles: Central American Solidarity and Zapatistas, Miller 210

Mar. 2 Arab Spring,  Miller 210

Mar. 9 Black Freedom Struggle: Civil Rights, Black Panthers and BLM, Miller 104

Mar. 16 Economic and Environmental Activism in Portland, Miller 104

Apr. 6  Art and Activism, Miller 104

Apr. 13 Free Speech, Hate Groups, and the Public, Miller 105

Apr. 20 Asian Liberation Movements: India, China, Nepal, Miller 104


To sign up contact: Chelsea Jackson at, 503-768-7378 

Parking permits are required on campus from 7am to 7pm. Please look at our Parking and Transportation website for more information.

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