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Mathematical Sciences

Senior Presentations

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PDT April 20, 2017 Location: John Howard 132

John Howard 132

Jenny Howard ’17, Mathematics Major, will talk about her independent study.

This talk explores foundations in mathematics, namely by looking at the Peano Axioms. I will discuss the ways in which the axioms provide a basis of our entire number system, and connect them to the ways in which we experience space, time, and the universe. I will bridge together what it is to be a number using Plato’s theory of Forms and the philosophical idea of Thisness.
By analyzing the axioms, I also investigate the philosophy of axiomatization, and what we - as finite human beings - lose and gain from axiomatizing.


Greg Aaronson ’17, Computer Science and Mathematics major,  will present his Honor Thesis in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Do you like video games? Do you like graph theory? If you answered yes to either question, then you should come to my thesis presentation. My thesis is about an algorithm for speedrunning that I developed. Speedrunning, at the most generalized level, is an optimization problem, where the player attempts to minimize the time it takes to complete a game.
If you understood the above, then you should come to the talk. If you did not understand the above, then you should definitely come to the talk. Therefore, we can conclude that you should come to the talk.


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