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Theatre Reunion: Mid-60s to mid-80s

Date: June 19, 2014 - June 22, 2014 Location: Lewis & Clark Campus

Lewis & Clark Campus

Theatre alumni and friends are invited back to campus for a special reunion celebrating the mid-60s-mid-80s. The reunion is being held in conjunction with Alumni Weekend 2014.

We’re recruiting for a variety show to be performed during alumni weekend. If you’re interested in performing a short monologue, sketch, or something else, please send an email to reunion coordinator Angela Torretta.


Theatre Reunion Events Schedule

Friday, June 20

7:00-8:30pm - Theatre Reunion Reception
Alumni and theatre friends from the 60’s-80’s era are invited to a special reunion to celebrate the Pike and Reynolds years.

Saturday, June 21

11:00-1:00pm - Theatre reunion brunch
Continue the reunion festivities from last night, with alumni and theatre friends from the 60’s-80’s era, and celebrate the Pike and Reynolds years.

8:00pm - Theatre Alumni Production
Enjoy a special production, put on by theatre alumni. Want to get involved? Contact Angela Torretta at

Planning to Attend
Below is a list of people who have indicated they hope to attend or have already registered.

Marjorie Ohle Anderson ’82
Linda Austin ’76
Janet Bellis-Squires ’74
Suzanne Stolpe Bishop ’82
Karen Robertson Bystrom ’81
Marla Carlson ’75
Jan Carothers ’70
Tim Cole ’74
Cynthia Pike Emerick ’74, volunteer
Frank Evanhoe ’64
Jacqueline Fowler ’73
Abigail Gilbert ’71
Leonard Goldsmith ’74
Paul Green ’79
Brian Haliski ’76
Charles Harman ’74
Lee Harris ’71
Cristina Lindquist Heffernan ’89
Bonnie Cochrane Hirsch ’67
Molly Hukari ’77
Margaret Lambert Inoue ’84
Bruce Johnson ’84
Olga Arseniev Johnson ’84
Bill Jordan ’79
Bridget Baker Kincaid ’77
Kate Lacey ’83
John McClelland ’67
Eric McGill ’73
Craig McIntosh ’74
Joe Mitter ’74, reunion volunteer
Nette Furman Mitter ’67, reunion volunteer
Richard Moore ’71
Ginger Irwin Moshofsky ’83
John Moshofsky ’85
Evan Nichols ’84
Edgar Reynolds, faculty emeritus
Burl Ross ’74
Sara Rothert ’84
Stacy Rout-Thompson ’79
Norman Scott ’74
Marcia Stanard ’89
Lydia Clark Venables ’74
Jack Watson ’64
Barbara Wechsberg ’74