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Teaching Excellence Program

Mid-Semester Course Evaluations

Date: 11:30am - 12:30pm PDT October 18, 2016 Location: JR Howard Hall Conference Room 302

JR Howard Hall Conference Room 302

Asking for mid-semester feedback doesn’t have to be onerous, and the benefits are likely to far outweigh the costs. You can choose one method that works best for you, or you can choose different methods for different classes.


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Sample Mid-way Course Evaluation (doc), Lewis & Clark CollegeTeaching Excellence Program 

Questions to consider: 

-Have you used mid-way (or along-the-way) course evaluations already? Do you plan to do so soon? If not, what are the barriers to using them?

-How do you design a mid-semester evaluation that encourages students to self-reflect while giving you feedback about the course?

-How do you interpret and use your students’ mid-semester feedback?

-To what extent do you “close the loop” by giving students feedback about the feedback they gave you? 

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