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Felicity and Fidelity by Nellie Weiland (California State University Long Beach)

Date: 3:30pm - 5:00pm PST November 22, 2013 Location: John R. Howard Hall 202

John R. Howard Hall 202

In this talk I will describe a variety of real-world reporting practices; I call them cases of ‘low-fidelity same-saying’. They are described as ‘real-world’ because they track the ways that speakers actually use expressions like ‘said that’ in messy, theoretically unstable ways. They are ‘lo-fi’ because their content (a) often lacks propositional and locutionary fidelity to the original utterance; and (b) their reported content is derived from contextual artifacts alongside the original linguistic content. Then I will suggesta metaphysics of language around this phenomenon. I will briefly outline the implications for direct quotation, linguistic content outside of reporting practices, and a deflationary speaker- and token-based metaphysics of language.


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