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Mathematical Sciences

Graduate Programs and Research Opportunities in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Montana State University

Date: 3:30pm PDT October 20, 2016 Location: John Howard 132

  • MSU photo by Kelly Gorham
    MSU photo by Kelly Gorham
    Montana State University

John Howard 132

Dr. Davis will give an overview of the graduate programs in Mathematics, Statistics and Mathematics Education at Montana State University. Located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana, MSU offers a variety of graduate degree programs, and Dr. Davis will describe those that are available within the Mathematical Sciences department. 
Opportunities for student research in Mathematics and the scope of faculty research programs will be emphasized along with the careers that PhD students have pursued after graduation. She will also describe the student demographics of the programs, the general activities of the Teaching and Research Assistants supported by the department as well as the procedure for applying to the program.  A short description of extracurricular activities that Bozeman offers will be mentioned also.

If there is time, Dr. Davis will describe some of her current research that combines the areas of computational mathematics and mathematical biology. She will describe an ongoing project that seeks to develop and analyze mathematical models of DNA transcription in highly transcribed genes such as the rrn operon in E. Coli.  The project has involved two professors, two PhD students and three undergraduate students.  Stochastic, microscopic and macroscopic models of the process have been explored, and recent research in the Physics community has allowed the team to include mathematical expressions of  mechanistic forces into a stochastic model that can partially explain why these genes that have very crowded DNA strands manage to successfully transcribe at twice the rate of other protein coding genes.

Dr. Lisa G. Davis, Professor of Mathematics
Graduate Program Committee
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
Montana State University

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