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Dr. Jonathan Schooler’s Presentation

Date: 6:00pm PST February 18, 2013 Location: Council Chambers

  • Dr. Jonathan Schooler
    Dr. Jonathan Schooler

Council Chambers

The L&C Psychology Department is pleased to host a presentation by Dr. Jonathan Schooler. He will be discussing “Using Psychology to Push the Boundaries of Science”.


Psychology is often depicted as a “soft science”, lacking the rigor of more rigorous disciplines such as physics or chemistry. Although psychology may be particularly susceptible to contextual factors that can constrain the generalizability of individual findings, it also provides a vantage for applying the scientific method to otherwise inscrutable philosophical issues. This talk will explore a range of applications of psychological science to topics that have challenged thinkers for millennia including the nature of consciousness, the sources of creativity, the value of believing in free will, and the limitations of science as it is currently practiced.


Dr. Schooler is a Professor of Psychology at UC Santa Barbara and a former Canada Research Chair in Social Cognitive Science. Author of over one hundred scientific articles, whose research is regularly featured in the New York Times, The New Yorker and other major media outlets.


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