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Mathematical Sciences

Interning at Intel and Diversity at LC

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PDT April 14, 2016 Location: John Howard 254

John Howard 254

Part I: Srey Seng will talk about her experience as an intern at Intel for the past two years.  She will discuss the application process for the internship, and the work that she has done with Intel.

Part II:  Eli Barnes and Liz Stanhope will host a conversation based on the following prompt:

In our last discussion there was a constant concern about how we can make a change. If we just look at the math department, then what can we as a department do? How can we change how diverse the students and faculty are? Do we change the problems at our department first? Our school first? What are the reasons that we have a lack of diversity in the faculty and students?