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Non-Fiction Reading by David Wolman

Date: 6:00pm PST February 5, 2013 Location: Frank Manor House

  • David Wolman
    David Wolman

Frank Manor House

The End of Money
For ages, money has meant little metal disks and rectangular slips of paper. Yet the usefulness of physical money—to say nothing of its value—is coming under fire as never before. Intrigued by the distinct possibility that cash will soon disappear, author David Wolman sets out to investigate the future of money…and how it will affect your wallet.
David Wolman is a contributing editor at Wired. He has also written for such publications as the New York Times, the Wall Street JournalTimeOutside,  Newsweek, DiscoverForbesNew Scientist, and Salon, and his work appeared in Best American Science Writing 2009. A former Fulbright journalism fellow in Japan and graduate of Stanford University’s journalism program, he now lives in Portland, Oregon, where he received a 2011 Oregon Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship. Wolman is also the author of A Left Hand Turn Around the World (2005), and Righting the Mother Tongue: From Olde English to Email (2008).