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Mathematical Sciences

Calculating Hitting Times of the Three Urn Ehrenfest Model

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PDT April 28, 2016 Location: John Howard 254

John Howard 254

Senior Thesis presentation by Isaac Goldstein
A talk about probability  “Calculating Hitting Times of the Three Urn Ehrenfest Model”


In 1907 two physicists, Paul and Tatiana Ehrenfest, introduced the Ehrenfest Urn Model to help explain the behavior of gasses passing between two chambers. Since then the Ehrenfest Urn Model has become a well known, and much explored, Markov Chain in the field of applied probability.This talk will cover some of the work done to calculate the expected hitting times of the Ehrenfest Model in the context of adapting various methods to calculate hitting times for a three urn variation of the model.