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Mathematical Sciences

Student Research Talks

Date: 3:30pm - 4:30pm PDT April 20, 2016 Location: John Howard 132

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    Image created by stacking DICOM MRI images. NYTCREDIT: Zach Wise for The New York Times

John Howard 132

Greg Aaronson & Alicia Kirkland will present their research

Processing with HCP and LONI Pipeline

by Alicia Kirkland

Autism and ADHD are two common atypical developmental disorders. MRI technology can be used to study the structural and functional brain organization of these disorders.  Preprocessing allows researchers to transform raw MRI data into data that can be used for various analyses. Typical processing methods are inefficient and complex, creating demand for a straight-forward, user friendly graphical user interface. 

With LONI Pipeline, we are able to run the Human Connectome Project’s Minimal Preprocessing Pipelines to process MRI data more efficiently. LONI Pipeline is simple enough for researchers with little to no computational experience and is adaptable enough to update with the constantly changing pipelines.


A generalized algorithm for speedrunning

by Greg Aaronson

Speedrunning is the act of finishing a video game as fast as possible. I believe speedrunning is in need of a model to make the process formally defined and more efficient. So I made an algorithm that can generate a speedrunning path by utilizing Dijkstra’s Algorithm. Come to learn about my algorithm, speedrunning, and video games!

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