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Ethnic Studies

Palestine in Shadows: A Counter-history of American Racial Politics. A Talk by Keith Feldman

Date: 4:30pm PDT April 4, 2016 Location: Miller 105

Miller 105

In this talk, Keith Feldman investigates the cultural history through which Israeli violence in the Palestinian territories has come to shape racial politics in the United States. Feldman tracks how U.S. civil rights and antiwar struggles were forged, felt, and thought together with Israeli occupation and Palestinian resistance. Feldman provides a transnational history of American racial politics since the 1960s that is rooted in issues of militarism, dispossession, and dissent. This counter-history - so central to a wide range of recent cultural, scholarly, and activist work - renews longstanding questions about solidarity, antiracism, and decolonization. 

Keith P. Feldman is an assistant professor in the department of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley, and is an affiliated faculty with the Designated Emphasis in both Critical Theory and Women, Gender, and Sexuality. His research theorizes and narrates relationships between U.S. imperial culture, West Asia, North Africa, the Arab and Muslim worlds, and Israel/Palestine. His writing has appeared in a variety of venues, including CR: New Centennial Review, Comparative American Studies, MELUS, ALIF, postmodern culture, Comparative Literature Studies, Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography, Theory & Event, Jadaliyya and Al Jazeera English.

Co-sponsored by Ethnic Studies, J Street, Exploration & Discovery and the Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement.

Ethnic Studies

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