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Research presentation by Beth Szczepanski

Date: 10:00am - 11:00am PST February 1, 2016 Location: Evans Hall

Evans Hall

Please join us for a research presentation by scholar Beth Szczepanski on February 1 in the Evans Music Center, room 10, 10-11am. The subject of Dr. Szczepanski’s talk will be Ethnographic, Historical, and Theoretical Approaches to Understanding Chinese Buddhist Chant: “A Thousand Calls to the Buddha.”


Interdisciplinarity is a keystone of ethnomusicological research. This lecture explores a single chant and instrumental melody performed in Buddhist monasteries of Wutaishan, China from three research perspectives: ethnographic, historical, and music-theoretical. Monks perform this tune, Qiansheng Fo, or “A Thousand Calls to the Buddha,” as they circumambulate and chant “Namo Amituofo,” or “Reverence to Amitābha Buddha” during ceremonies performed to bring blessings to donors. Dr. Szczepanski will present her research on this piece and discuss how a synthesis of ethnographic data, historical research, and musical analysis enhances our understanding of Qiansheng Fo and of Wutaishan’s monastic Buddhist culture and music.