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Biannual Meeting of the Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest

Date: 10:00am - 5:00pm PDT April 7, 2012 Location: Evans Hall

  • Egret

Evans Hall

George is “Mr. Nature Photographer” and needs no further introduction. His morning presentation is entitled “George Lepp’s Innovative Approaches to Photographing Birds” and his afternoon presentation will be “From Snowflakes to Gigascapes: Maximizing the Creative Power of Today’s DSLRs.” Treat yourself to George’s website at Also, bring your DSLR camera bodies for sensor cleanings at a bargain price by Advance Camera.

As in past meetings, there will be a digital projected image competition and a print competition. The three categories for the competitions are scenic, wildlife, and plant life. Any man-made object in the entry should not be a major or significant portion of the image. Other details of the guidelines for the competitions and the procedure for image submission can be found at

There is no admission charge for this event for Lewis & Clark faculty, staff and students.

Additional information may be found at

Co-Sponsored by Cannon