Frequently Asked Questions

If we didn’t apply for funding last year, how can we get funding now?

  • The application for appeals funding will open Monday September 28th, and appeals will be heard starting after October 6th

If we need more money for an unforeseen expense, where can we go?

  • You can apply for a grant with ASLC’s finance committee to receive more funding

I want to start a new organization and need to get approval and funding, what do I need to do?

  • First, talk with Student Engagement to get approved as a new club, then you’ll apply for funding through SOC

My org needs help paying for something with an LC credit card, how does that work?

Who can I contact about the financial aspects of my organization?

SOC: soc@lclark.edu

SE: studentengagement@lclark.edu

Finance: finance@lclark.edu