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Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC)

2013-2014 Funded Grants

Research Grants


Isabell Ball ’14, Research Grant

Isa will use her Research Grant to investigate how Mayan parenting practices are shaped by the interactions between spiritual beliefs, local histories, and modernization. She plans to spend 16 days in Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango, Guatemala, where she will conduct interviews. She is excited to discuss her findings at the Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies. She will also present her research at Meet Your Major, and the Psychology Honors Thesis presentation.


Dylan Stringer ’15, Research Grant

Dylan will use his SAAB grant to help understand contemporary archival research through the curated manuscripts of Samuel Beckett. He will interview archivists and scholars at two competing archives; Trinity College in Dublin and Reading University in Reading. His new understanding of how archives are responding to the digital age on a global scale will be useful as archiving continues to change. He will give back to the LC community through his work in the William Stafford Archives, and through a presentation to English majors and other interested persons.


Melanie Toth ’15, Research Grant

Melanie will use her SAAB grant to perform research on archaeology as a maker of Greek identity. She will travel to Gournia, in eastern Crete, and explore how ancient history plays a part of Greece’s memory. She will interview local archaeologists about their methods, and their relationship with Greece’s Ministry of Culture. She is excited to broaden the LC anthropology experience, as there is no opportunity for physical anthropology.


Ryan Pasco ’15, Grace Birdwell ’15, Geneva Karr ’16, Melanie Goske ’16 Research Grant

Ryan, Grace, Geneva, and Melanie will travel to Vacone, Italy where they will receive extensive training and hands-on practice with an active archaeological site. They will each research in detail 2-3 elements of villa culture that can be found on the site. They will perform 30 hours of excavation per week. They will bring their research back to campus through a classics colloquium, a booth at Meet Your Major, and they will attend Willamette University’s Northwest Undergraduate Conference on the Ancient World.


Tom Rodrigues ’14, Research Grant

Tom, or “the bike guy” as he is otherwise known, will use his research grant to translate his thesis into spanish. His thesis was on indicators and propagators of progressive cities, looking specifically at bicycle infrastructure. He studied the areas of Portland, Oregon, and Cuenca, Ecuador. This translation project will allow him to share his research with the LC community in Cuenca. Tom and his translation partner will give presentations to the Environmental Studies and Hispanic Studies departments on the process of translating.


Celestina DeMauro ’14, Research Grant

Celestina received a SAAB grant to perform research on the private education system in Los Angeles, CA. She will focus on how the academic and educational goals mix with the profit making and business goals of a private school. Her research addresses a gap in the literature on private schools in the LA area, where the concentration of research has been on public education. She will offer her findings to the Lewis & Clark admissions office, and will make her research available to the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education & Counseling.


Gabe Kohler ’15, Research Grant

Gabe will perform research on Japanese industrial plantation forests. He will specifically look at what is inhibiting the use of these forests, and wants to find a way to reconcile local and external environmental concerns. He will interview landowners, park rangers, common law groups, and will work closely with local forestry experts. He hopes to bring his research back to the LC community through a talk at the Environmental Studies Symposium this coming fall, and will prepare a presentation for the Tryon Community Resource Center.


Robin Zeller ’15, Research Grant

Robin will use his grant to travel to Nepal, where he will examine the relationship between pilgrimage, adventure tourism, and mountains. He has always felt personally connected to mountains, and is excited to undertake this ENVS independent seminar. He will bring his research back to campus through a weekly blog, a poster presentation at the ENVS celebration, and through meeting with various clubs.


Daniela Jimenez ’14, Research Grant

Daniela will use her Research Grant to travel to Los Angeles to perform archival research. She will study the landmark court case Madrigal v. Quilligan, and ask the questions “How can we situate politics within the physical bodies of individuals? Who has the right to be a mother as accorded by the state?” She is excited to bring her project back to campus through a presentation of her research in the Watzek Atrium on April 24th.


Lincoln Boyd ’15, Research Grant

Lincoln used his grant to travel to Finland, where he studied educational equality and teaching. He met with teachers, students, and the Minister of Education. He intends to write his thesis on this topic. He will bring his project back to campus through a series of op-eds to local newspapers, and through talks around campus.


Lily Clarke ’14, Research Grant

Lily will use her SAAB Research Grant to investigate whether fire morel mushrooms form a symbiotic relationship with the roots of other plants. She will collect samples from burn areas in Western Montana, and will then test her samples at the UC Davis Stable Isotope Facility. She will perform an independent research project presentation for Meet Your Major, and will submit a paper for publishing.


Sage Coy ’14, Research Grant

Using her research grant, Sage will explore the effects of music therapy as a means of helping children with special needs. She will travel to Guayaquil, Ecuador, where she will work and perform with the El Centro nonprofit organization. She is excited to combine her passion for psychology and music, and will present her findings at an informal poster and photography session.


Katherine Quaid ’14, Research Grant

Katherine will be using her research grant to study how American Indian/ Alaska Native students are affected by education curriculum at a high school level. Katherine will also be working MOSAIC and the Native Student Union to bring Dr. Stephanie Fryberg to LC to discuss her research into similar issues affecting Native Americans, and she will also present her findings to the Oregon Indian Education Association. She will also be giving a senior thesis presentation at the end of spring semester.


Hannah Brown ’14, Research Grant

Hannah will be using her SAAB grant to conduct research on biblical literalism at the Creation Museum, in Petersburg, Kentucky. She will meet with representatives from Answers in Genesis, and hopes to gain some perspective on the mystical and puritan lens that they view the bible through. She will bring her research back to LC by giving a presentation to Susanna Morrill’s seminar in American Religion.


Dale Forrister ’14, Research Grant

Dale will be promoting conservation efforts at Amaru Zoo through educational displays, in Cuenca, Ecuador. He plans to establish a program to articulate skeletons, and looks forward to learning more about Andean biodiversity and shadowing zookeepers as they take care of animals. He plans to bring his work back to LC through a display of wildlife photography.


David Salkowski ’14, Research Grant

David will be using his research grant to travel to New York. Once there, he will analyze the sacred music of Russian composer Arthur Lourié. As a music and Russian major, this topic is very pertinent to David’s studies. Once he returns, he will submit his findings to the NW chapter of the American Musicological Society, donate his thesis work to the New York Library, and give a thesis presentation here on campus.


Andrew Reetz ’14, Research Grant

Andrew will be returning to Nancy, France to continue research he began during his overseas program. He will be doing research on rising secularism in France. In particular, he will focus on the implications of the marriage equality law on religious communities. When he returns in the spring, he is excited to give a public presentation on his findings, and host a brown bag lunch as well.


Hannah Miller ’14, Research Grant

Hannah will be using the grant she received to conduct research for her thesis. She will be researching the subculture of makeup tutorials on YouTube. Specifically, she will look at collective identity online, gender as performance, and the self-empowering aspects of makeup tutorials. She hopes to fully immerse herself in the subculture she’s studying, and looks forward to reporting her findings at the Gender Studies Symposium.


Kat Caskey ’14 and Taylor Leigh ’14, Research Grant

Taylor and Kat will be using their research grant to study secondhand forgiveness. They are focusing on situations where on campus groups apologized for statements regarding the trans community. They will bring their project back to LC by presenting their project at the Gender Studies Symposium next spring.


Arts & Expression Grants


Cedar Jocks ’15, Arts & Expression Grant

Cedar will use his Arts & Expression Grant to adapt the student-written one act play “Middle Names” into a feature length film. Using an interdisciplinary team of Lewis & Clark students, Cedar will shoot the film over four days, and produce it using resources in the greater Portland community. He will bring his project back to campus by hosting the unofficial premiere at Lewis & Clark during the Fall semester of 2014, leading a micro-budget film-making workshop, and crediting Lewis & Clark and SAAB in the final film.


Julia Duerst ’15, Arts & Expression Grant

Julia will use her Arts & Expression Grant to perform a visual comparison of Mexico City and Chicago. As a native of Chicago, Julia would like to explore her connections to the city through art, and highlight the differences and similarities between Chicago and Mexico City’s Latin@ neighborhoods. She will post the comprehensive photo study online, and submit a reflective essay to the Meridian Journal of International Affairs.


David Salkowski ’14, Arts & Expression Grant

David used his Arts & Expression Grant to perform his Senior Composition Recital, which is the summation of all the academic work he has done at Lewis & Clark. David composed and performed in several of the pieces. He wrote music that challenged his abilities and showed the progress he made musically during his time at Lewis & Clark. he was excited to bring together members of the LC and greater Portland community during his recital.


Sascha Rindsbacher ’14, Arts & Expression Grant

Sascha will use his grant to create a very subtle sound design project for the theatrical performance of Night Mother. He will use analog stereo sound recording to achieve his goals. He will pass the equipment he receives on to KLC, so other students can perform projects like this one.


Matthew Takiff ’14, Arts & Expression Grant

Matthew used his Arts & Expression Grant to perform his senior recital. He has a focus in saxophone performance, and played a mix of classical, tango, and jazz. He was excited to show his music to the LC community, and connect with other musicians outside LC.


Camille Shuman ’14, Arts & Expression

Camille used her grant to supplement her senior thesis. Her work has always involved flowers. She looked at the many elements juxtaposing them together in abstract ways while using figurative elements to hint at a symbolic importance. Her work was shown at the Hoffman Gallery, and she intends to sell her work at a later date.


Matthew Mulligan ’14, Arts & Expression

Matthew used his grant to fund his senior art thesis, “The Sea Will Swell A Bit”. His project was inspired by a recent death, and is an embodiment of futility and catharsis. He will bring his project back to the student body by hosting a student artist talk at the LC Art Week, where he will discuss video instillation.


Brandon Becker ’14, Arts & Expression Grant

Brandon will use his grant to perform his senior composition recital. In order to work outside the equal tempered system, he will build a new instrument that he can play using a non-standard technique. Once he has finished his recital, he will return his instrument to the music department for future students to use.


Katie George ’14, Arts & Expression Grant

Katie is using her Arts & Expression grant to travel to the Yasuni National Park of Ecuador. While in Yasuni, she will document local medicinal plants and create scientific illustrations of said plants. She will display her artwork for the Lewis & Clark community in Watzek Library. She is excited to combine her passion for biology and art in one project.


Irene Huete ’14, Arts & Expression Grant

Irene will create a series of abstract watercolors and drawings based around the theme “Imagine the Vagina”. She will create individual drawings based on descriptions of the vagina from the Lewis & Clark community. She will display her work at the Hoffman Gallery, as part of the senior art show.


Rachel Wolfson ’14, Arts & Expression Grant

Using her Arts & Expression Grant, Rachel will interlace digital and physical artistic processes using 3D rendering software. This unique project will comment on the relationship that painting has with digital technology. Rachel will display her work at the senior art show in the Hoffman Gallery.


Rhianna Feeney ’14, Arts & Expression Grant

Rhianna will explore the themes of indulgence and self-destruction using her Arts & Expression Grant. These themes have been the backdrop of much of her photography. She is excited to display her work at the Hoffman Gallery for the senior art exhibition.


Flynn Casey ’14, Arts & Expression Grant

Flynn will be using his grant to fund his senior project in Studio Art. He will be exploring themes regarding site specificity and locational identity in regards to the contemporary gallery space and art world. He will be presenting his work at the senior art exhibition in Hoffman Gallery.


Larissa Board ’14, Arts & Expression Grant

Larissa will be using her grant to fund her Studio Art Capstone. For her capstone, Larissa will be creating a short film titled Se Voyeur, related to themes of self-reflection. She is looking forward to displaying her film at the Hoffman Gallery as part of the art thesis.


Tony Chrenka ’14 , Arts & Expression Grant

Tony will be using his grant to create an A.S.M.R (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Pavillion as part of his senior art show. It will consist of a sculpture, a video, and a composite of the two. He is very interested in the sensory phenomenon known as A.S.M.R, and looks forward to giving his work back to the LC community at the senior art show taking place in the Hoffman Gallery.


Program/Conference Grant


Jose Quintero ’16, Conference Grant

Jose will use his grant to attend the Annual Rhetoric Society of America’s Conference in San Antonio, Texas. While at the conference, he will present work he has written on a letter Stephen Fry regarding the Sochi Olympics. He is excited to connect with other thinkers in the field of rhetoric, attend panels, and represent Lewis & Clark. When he returns to Lewis & Clark, he will speak in RHMS classes about the opportunity of presenting research.


Maya Gold ’14, Walker Davis ’15, Brooke Jordy ’15, Conference Grant

Maya, Walker, and Brooke will use their grant to present research at the Western Political Science Association Conference in Seattle, Washington. Maya and Walker will present on perceptions of finance enforcement agencies equity, effectiveness, and efficiency. Brooke will present on the organization of, and problems with, the return on investment model used in health care fraud prosecution. When they return to Lewis & Clark, they will host a brown bag lunch, participate in the Festival of Scholars, and present to politics club about their research.


Constantine Pankin ’15, Program Grant

Constantine will travel to Cannes, France, where he will participate in the American Pavillion Business Internship Program. Through this program, he will combine his passion for business and film. He will detail his experiences in a blog, and present on the combination of film and business. He will also speak with interested students during the Meet Your Major event.


Lily Waldman ’14, Ghassan Eiwaz ’14, Victoria Diaz ’14, Conference Grant

Lily, Victoria, and Ghassan will use their research grant to continue a project regarding the acculturation process of international students attending Lewis & Clark. They will administer an online survey and interviews, and will ultimately present their findings in the Western Psychological Association Conference.


Noah Dates ’15, Conference Grant

Noah will be attending the Cannes International Film Festival, in Cannes, France. He will work alongside members of a company executing business at the festival. He hopes to combine his interests for physics and film in order to pursue science education. When he returns to Lewis & Clark, he will write a paper on his experiences and host a table at the Meet Your Major event.


Sita Fidler ’14, Conference Grant

Sita Fidler will attend the Student Conference on Latin America, at the University of Texas. At the conference she will present research she performed during her study abroad trip in Ecuador. She looks forward to meeting with other scholars, and sharing her findings with the Lewis & Clark community.


Tess Chudzik ’16, Conference Grant

Tess will be participating in the Cannes Business Program, as part of the Cannes Film Festival. She will attend training workshops, seminars, roundtable discussions, and film screenings. She hopes to explore her passion for critical film review while at the conference. Once she returns to Lewis & Clark, she will hold a booth at the Academic Fair and Meet Your Major, and will be happy to speak with any interested students.


Devin Owen ’14 and Desiree Etzel ’14, Conference Grant

Devin and Desiree will be attending the Neuroscience 2013 conference in San Diego, the premier venue for neuroscience. Once there, Devin will present research done on the effects of alcohol on zebra finch song. They will bring their experiences back to LC through a “Meet Your Minor” neuroscience presentation, where they will discuss their time at the conference, and explain what the neuroscience minor is all about.


Miles Crabill ’16, Conference Grant

Miles’s attended Day-Con 7, an invite only hackers conference. While there he heard speakers related to hacking and cybersecurity and took part in a five day training session. He also competed in PacketWars, a competitive hacking contest. Miles is excited to bring the skills he learned at Day-Con and PacketWars back to Lewis and Clark, where he can share that knowledge with other students interested in cybersecurity through the Hacker Club.


Visiting Scholars Grant


Anna Dagget ’14, Visiting Scholars Grant

Anna is using her grant to bring Curtis Acosta to the Lewis and Clark campus. Curtis Acosta is one of the founders of the Mexican-American studies program in Tucson, which was ultimately banned by the Tucson School Board in 2010. Acosta will give a speech titled Pedagogies of Hope and Resilience: Responding to the Criminalization of Chicano and Latino Youth on Thursday April 17th, in Miller 105 at 7:00 PM. That same day, he will also lead a two hour workshop in Thayer at 4:00.

Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC)

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