The Auditory Branch of the ASLC is devoted to providing useful data, research, information, and arguments to the student body; maintaining ASLC’s library of files and information, and keeping organized minutes and other records. Our goal is to ensure that everyone’s argument can be well informed, have taken into account multiple perspectives, and are evidenced by the available data.

We conduct an annual survey and are also responsible for investigations that do not warrant an Ad Hoc committee.

The Bylaws of the Auditory


Auditor - Payton Schurr (auditor@lclark.edu)

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Audit of the Emergency Usage of the Senate Project Fund (10/2/2018)

A Brief Report on the Projected 2014-2015 ASLC Budget Decline (3/20/2014)


2015 Cabinet Election Audit (4/23/2015)


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