The Student Resources Committee (SRC) was created to provided resources for students regarding issues of affordability, access, community information, etc.

SRC Programs

  1. New York Times Readership Program
  2. Pioneers for Pioneers
  3. Storage Subsidy
  4. Discretionary Fund
  5. ASLC Resource Pantry Volunteer
  6. ASLC Resource Pantry Pick Up
  7. ASLC FALL ’20 Textbook Drive Pick Up Form
    1. ASLC FALL ’20 Textbook Drive Book List
  8. ASLC COVID-19 Test Reimbursement Form
  9. ASLC Smoke Relief Fund for Emergency Health-Related Costs Reimbursement Form

Committee Members

Student Resources Coordinator – Cas Mulford (aslcresources@lclark.edu)

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Committee Documents