The Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB) was established in 1982 by the student-body’s vote to be the bridge between students, governance, administrators, and faculty. SAAB continues to be Lewis & Clark’s premier student-run organization to offer academic support and opportunities. 

SAAB works primarily in the following three realms:

1. SAAB’s Chair and Representatives are academic advocates for students. They strive to elevate the voices of all students, devise solutions for collective concerns, and open channels for communication.

2. SAAB’s Grant program funds student-led projects that are carefully considered and offer valuable giveback to the wider LC community. 

3. SAAB’s peer tutoring program guarantees academic help to all undergraduate students. Book a virtual session with our trained and qualified peer tutors, completely free-of-charge, through the link above.

SAAB Officials:

Arunimal Singh Jamwal
Vice President,
Student Academic Affairs
SAAB Chair

Office Hours — Monday, Friday: 12 - 1 p.m. or by appointment.

Click here to book a chat with Arunima

Ela Pencl
Director of Grants

Office Hours— by appointment

Diana Pacheco
College Honor Board Chair

Office Hours— by appointment

Your Representatives

Find your department’s Academic Board Representative!

Madisyn Taylor
SAAB Historian

Julia Salomone
Executive Assistant
Outreach Manager

Documents for SAAB: