Committee Purpose:

The Engagement & Outreach Committee (EOC) facilitates dialogues and activities between students, staff, faculty, and the greater Portland community. We try to promote a sense of community by hosting forums such as Common Hour and acting as an advocate for the interests of students.

EOC Programs:

Committee Members

Engagement & Outreach Coordinator | Sarah Lind-MacMillan 
Pronouns: she | her | hers

Email | aslcoutreach@lclark.edu 

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Engagement & Outreach Vice
Chair | Cate McGlynn-Mandel ’22
Pronouns: she | her | hers


Social Media Director | Madeleine MacWilliamson ’24
Pronouns: she | her | hers


Committee Member | Caleb Weinhardt ’22
Pronouns: he | him | his 



Committee Forms:

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