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April 21, 2021

Career Services Blog

Job Search Series: Consult with Career Services

Step 01: Consult with Career Services.

The first step in your job search journey is to reach out to Lewis & Clark Law School’s Career Services office. Every law student is assigned to one of our three attorney career advisers - but you are welcome to meet with any adviser you prefer. Each of our advisers is a lawyer who has practiced law in the region in both private and public settings and is able to counsel you on a broad career spectrum.

  • Devra Hermosilla: Assistant Dean of Career & Professional Development,
  • Holly Puckett: Director of Career Services,
  • Lexie Zirschky: Director of Public Interest Law,

You can easily make an appointment with an adviser through the online Appointments feature of Career Connect or by contacting us directly.

What can Career Services offer you?

  • Job postings and job leads
  • Resume and cover letter drafting and review
  • Writing sample review and guidance
  • Alumni connections, locally and nationwide
  • Reciprocity to other school’s job postings
  • Networking events and connections
  • Mock interviews
  • Career exploration events and resources
  • Career strategy counseling
  • Interest and skill assessments
  • Offer and salary negotiation guidance
  • Emotional support and cheerleading
  • and So Much More!

As a quick reminder, it is a graduation requirement to meet with Career Services during your final year. This requirement can be waived if you already landed a post-graduation job and enter that outcome into your job profile on Career Connect.

Speaking of Career Connect, we recommend that you update your desired job search parameters and skill-sets in your profile to help Career Services connect you to opportunities. We often pull reports based on types of jobs or desired attributes to send jobs and networking events to students based on their profile. You can also opt-in to participate in our new Candidate Search feature that allows us to send resume packets to employers based on matches - sort of like a modern day Resume Book. We encourage you to take advantage of these job search tools on Career Connect, and to also use the program to find and attend our programming and recruitment events.

INSIDE TIP: Career Services truly wants to help you find a job. In fact, it is our main job (and purpose in life) to help graduates find jobs. Why? First, because we care about you and want you to achieve your career goals. And also because the American Bar Association measures every law school’s employment outcomes annually as of March 15th following graduation for accreditation and reputation purposes. We view the results of this audit as a reflection of how well we are serving our customers - you. So, take advantage of our resources because you have our full attention!

Your action item: Make your appointment today - we look forward to working with you!


Devra, Holly & Lexie