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April 13, 2021

Career Services Blog

15,500+ Hours! That’s the way L&C students do ‘pro bono publico’

As we conclude another pro bono reporting year, we take a moment to recognize the extraordinary contributions our students made to our community. This year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our students reported over 15,500 pro bono and community service hours.

We know that this number – as incredible as it is – does not come close to capturing the full contribution made by our students. Volunteers served as legal observers during the historic downtown protests, provided low-income tax assistance to Oregonians, organized blood drives, conducted trials as certified law students, fostered and rehomed injured rabbits – if you can dream it, they volunteered for it. Our students demonstrate an unrivaled commitment to the meaning of pro bono publico, working for the public good. At the start of a new reporting year, we want to encourage all of our students to continue this tradition of service. Whether you choose to volunteer as an environmental advocate or provide assistance to crime victims, your contributions make a difference!

While rarely the primary motivation to help, volunteering also provides direct benefits to your career and professional development. As you assist your community, you can gain substantive litigation, client counseling, and research skills. Volunteering often provides great opportunities to build your network and meet attorneys working in your areas of interest. Reporting your hours can build your resume, particularly as you work towards the Pro Bono and Community Service Honors Awards or the Public Interest Law Certificate.

The new reporting year runs from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. You can report your hours anytime through Career Connect. For any questions, we encourage you to review the Pro Bono & Community Service Handboo or contact Director of Public Interest Law Lexie Zirschky.