Herschel B. Snodgrass Scholarship


Herschel Snodgrass Background: Dr. Herschel B. Snodgrass joined the physics faculty at Lewis & Clark College in 1986 and taught there for 30 years. His excitement for physics and genuine concern for the development of his students as both scientists and humans earned Herschel campus-wide admiration. In Herschel’s own words, “That was sort of my mission as a teacher, to help people find something that gives them joy and enhances their human attributes, their love for each other, and their love for the world in which they live. And if physics is an agent for that, then terrific!”

Herschel was so many things: a renowned astrophysicist, a beloved professor, a father (to his children and many others), a hippie, a dreamer, a pianist, a clarinetist, a poet, an artist, a staunch environmentalist and conservationist, a member of the Free Speech Movement in Berkeley in the sixties, and a student of human nature and the universe. This scholarship is created to honor his memory in perpetuity and to serve as an enduring legacy and inspiration for all students who receive the award.

Endowment Purpose and Spending Criteria: This endowment is created and shall be applied to the purposes of the donors as follows:

• Scholarship for students with interests in physics, mathematics, art, or music.
• Preference given to students from historically marginalized communities.
• Scholarship to be awarded by the Dean of the College in consultation with a committee of qualified faculty.

Contributing: You can contribute to this scholarship here.  Feel free to contact Senior Advancement Officer, Rebecca Holt or Chair of Physics, Bethe Scalettar for additional information.

As of fall 2022, we reached our $50,000 target goal! Thank you to all of the donors who helped make this possible. This target is chosen to ensure that a scholarship of several thousand dollars can be awarded each year without depleting the fund.