A Story of Lasting Impact

Dear Scholarship Donors,

I was a student at Lewis & Clark from 2008-2012 and received your scholarship when I studied abroad in Chile in 2010. I met with you both after returning from that semester, and I remember talking with you about the amazing trips with students you were going on, and the impact of living, working, studying and immersing oneself in another country and culture. I think a lot about that semester abroad and your scholarship that made it possible. It has greatly shaped my decisions and career plans, and I wanted to thank you again both for providing that opportunity and for taking the time to meet me afterwards. 

Since graduating from Lewis & Clark, I spent three years serving in the Peace Corps, first in El Salvador and then in the Republic of Georgia. In El Salvador I lived for two years in a poor rural community. I had the opportunity to live and work with wonderful people there on community development projects, like forming a women’s group to pursue income-generating activities, starting youth sports teams, and learning about crop diversification and management by starting community gardens. In Georgia, I worked to improve capacity at a local NGO, Helping Hand, that focuses on youth engagement and professional development. It was an amazing three years that cemented my interest in understanding development practices on a global scale and how to move forward sustainably in ways that will actually benefit and engage those seeking assistance. 

I was accepted into the Master’s Program in International Development at the Josef Korbel School for International Studies at the University of Denver. It has been eye opening to engage in development discourse on an academic level. I am excited to continue learning to seek ways to do better.

Thank you again for making it possible for me to study abroad in Chile as an undergrad. I am constantly learning, changing, and better understanding my passions and values, but that opportunity at that time made all the difference in the world. 


Rachel Wolf ’12