After Lewis & Clark

Graduates go on to fulfilling careers in arts ranging from professional artist work to socially engaged nonprofit work to arts administration and more. Here’s a small sampling of our recent alumni:

  • Joseph Coulter, ’19: Assistant Audio/Visual Producer at Oregon Public Broadcasting
  • Jackson Thein ’18: working on a master’s in public health at the University of Edinburgh after a summer internship with Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley
  • Zoey Kambour ’19: sang in the choir, gave multiple voice recitals, and now working on a master’s degree in Art History at the University of Oregon, focusing on Early Islamic Art
  • Angie Epifano ’16: graduate student at the University of Chicago, working on a doctorate in African art history
  • Sophie Eisenstat ’14: Field Producer, Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal
  • Robert Amico ’16: puppeteer for Artist Repertory Theatre and production assistant at Laika
  • Audrey Gutierrez ’19: winner, F(r)iction Literary Magazine Winter 2019 Short Story Award; attending Iowa Writers’ Workshop
  • Zein Hassanein ’13: board certified music therapist who works both in hospital settings and with nonprofits serving youth who have experienced trauma
  • The interdisciplinary possibilities at L&C opened new worlds for my poetry, and have greatly informed how I write to this day. I learned how to pay exquisite attention to the world around me, and how to see structures and form all around me.

    Corey Van Landingham BA ’08
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  • The most important thing I learned while at L&C was how to communicate my ideas and questions most articulately. By that I mean not only how to write clearly, but also how to speak in class and engage with my peers.

    Smith “S.” Yarberry BA ’16
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  • The theory I learned in class and the practical work experience I was able to get were a really great introduction to the work I’m doing now.

    Hannah Stubee BA ’21
    Studio Art (painting concentration)
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