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Curriculum Committee

Membership 2019-2020

Voting Members
Paul Allen, Math & Natural Sciences
Barbara Balko, Math & Natural Sciences
Isabelle DeMarte, Arts & Humanities
William Pritchard, Arts & Humanities
Jessica Starling, Interdisciplinary Representative
Érik Tymoigne, Social Sciences
Todd Watson, Social Sciences
Shannon Drew, SAAB Chair, Student Representative
Lauren Backerman, Honor Board Chair, Student Representative

Ex-officio Members
Hannah Crummé, Head of Special Collections & College Archivist
Judy Finch, Registrar
Bruce Suttmeier, Dean of the College

Administrative Support
Margaret Salstrom

Committee Charge

Excerpt from the College of Arts & Sciences Bylaws, 1997

The Committee on the Curriculum shall have primary responsibility for the curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences. In this regard, the Committee shall review all aspects of the educational program of the College; review and approve proposals for earned degrees to be offered and the requirements for them; review and approve proposals for the establishment or elimination of departmental, interdisciplinary, and general education programs in the College; review and approve all departmental, general educational, and interdisciplinary courses offered by the College; and formulate and review other academic policies and procedures. In addition, the Committee on the Curriculum shall consider curricular issues relating to the academic calendar. Recommendations of the Committee on the Curriculum shall be submitted to the Dean of the College. The Committee shall submit major recommendation such as changes in degrees, changes in College-wide requirements, or the establishment or elimination of departmental, interdisciplinary, and general educational programs to the voting Faculty for its approval, before recommending such proposals to the Dean of the College.

The Committee on the Curriculum shall consist of seven members of the voting Faculty and two students. Three of the faculty members shall be divisional representatives, one elected from each Division. Four of the faculty members, one from each Division and also a representative of interdisciplinary studies shall be elected at large. The Dean of the College, the Dean of Students, the Registrar, and the Director of the Aubrey Watzek Library shall be ex-officio, nonvoting members. Ex-officio members may designate a substitute if they are unable to attend Committee meetings.

Subcommittees: The Curriculum Committee contains four subcommittees. 

CPSC - Course Proposal Subcommittee
 Charged with evaluating incoming course proposals and making recommendations to the full Curriculum Committee about whether the proposal should be accepted, rejected or discussed by the full Curriculum Committee.

The CPSC examines courses to verify that they further the goals of the college and departments in providing a rigorous educational experience in keeping with the liberal arts tradition.

OOPC - Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Committee
Responsible for working with the Overseas & Off-Campus Programs Office to review any student proposal for an off-campus program not sponsored by the College

SPASSubcommittee on Petitions, Appeals & Student Designed Majors
Responsible for reviewing any appeals for student status in partnership with the Registrar’s Office and for reviewing any student designed majors 

GEST - General Education Steering Committee
Stewards a broad, consultative process that addresses all matters related to implementation of the General Education model. 

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