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Committee on Enrollment

Membership 2018-2019

Voting Members
Therese Augst, At-Large Representative
Kundai Chirindo, At-Large Representative
Rachel Cole, Arts & Humanities
Leah Gilbert, Social Sciences
Jessica Kleiss, Math & Natural Sciences

Ex-officio Members
Bruce Suttmeier, Dean of the College
Anastacia Dillon, Director of Financial Aid
Lisa Meyer, Dean of Admissions 

Administrative Support
Debra Richman

Committee Charge 

The Committee on Enrollment shall review and inform the faculty about issues of enrollment, including recruitment and admissions, financial aid and retention; recommend policy and procedure pertaining to enrollment to the Dean of the College, the Dean for Enrollment, and the President; and coordinate faculty support of the College’s enrollment initiatives. The Committee on Enrollment shall provide faculty representation on major enrollment committees constituted by the College. The Committee on Enrollment may designate a substitute to represent the faculty if no current committee member can attend. 

The Committee on Enrollment shall consist of five members of the voting Faculty and one student. The three divisions shall each have one representative, elected by the entire voting faculty, and two members shall be elected at large. The Dean of the College, the Dean for Enrollment, and the Director of Financial Aid shall be ex officio, nonvoting members. Ex officio members may designate a substitute if they are unable to attend Committee meetings.

Formerly Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid
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