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Latin American Studies SAAB-representative 2017 -Lucas Martínez



Hello fellow Latin American Studies minors,

My name is Lucas Martínez and I’m the SAAB representative for the Latin American Studies department this semester. In case you don’t know, SAAB (Student Academic Affairs Board) is a completely student‐run board that allocates funds to students for academic projects. So if you’re planning on putting on a performance, going to a conference, bringing in a speaker for a lecture, doing research for your thesis, etc., SAAB is a great place to get money for that! This grant money is ours and an amazing opportunity to interact with any aspect of Latin American Studies in intriguing ways. I ask you all at least take a moment to consider if there is anything you might be interested in pursuing, and if you’re intrigued by an idea then start planning!

In order to submit a grant, you will need to get in touch with two SAAB representatives at least two weeks before you plan to submit your proposal. In‐depth instructions for each type of application can be found here on SAAB’s website:


You can also e‐mail SAAB (