For Current Students

From the northern border of Mexico, down to Tierra del Fuego, Latin America is a vast region comprised of complex histories, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cultures. Defined as the region of the Americas whose Romance language—Spanish, Portuguese, and French—are primary, Latin America includes Mexico, most of Central and South America, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

A Latin American Studies minor enables students to explore this dynamic region in an interdisciplinary way. Students take classes in the arts, humanities, sciences, or social sciences with a focused study of Latin American and Hispanic/Latino history, culture, and contemporary affairs.

Courses range from broad overviews (Latin American Politics, Modern Latin American History) to focused studies (Pre-Columbian Art, Chicano and Latino Popular Culture), and are offered in the departments of Art, History, Music, Sociology and Anthropology, International Affairs, and Hispanic Studies, among others. A major component of the program is overseas study; students are strongly encouraged to spend at least a semester abroad.

Our program regularly sponsors and co-sponsors lectures, film screenings, panel discussions, and readings. Recent events have included a talk on women, literature and power in Chile; a documentary on Hugo Chavez and Venezuelan politics; and a lecture on indigenous rights in Oaxaca.