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The minor in Latin American and Latino Studies enables students to combine study of a major field in the arts, humanities, sciences, or social sciences with a focused study of Latin American and Latino history, culture, and contemporary affairs. The program includes a major component of overseas study integrated with courses from various disciplines on campus. Overseas study programs offered in Latin America allow students to spend up to a year studying in curricular areas not covered on the Lewis & Clark campus.

The interdisciplinary minor is supervised by a group of faculty from several departments. This group coordinates the curriculum, advises students, supervises major research projects, and plans special events.


Minor Requirements

A minimum of 24 semester credits, distributed as follows:

Eight semester credits chosen from the following:

HIST 141 Colonial Latin American History
HIST 142 Modern Latin American History
LALS 200 Latin American and Latinx Cultural Studies
SOAN 266  Social Change in Latin America

  • Participation in any Lewis & Clark overseas program in Latin America, from which a minimum of 3 semester credits must be applied to the minor. A maximum of 12 semester credits may be applied to the minor from the overseas program. Language courses do not apply.
  • Up to 17 semester credits chosen from the list of elective courses below (for a total of 24 credits).

Elective courses:

207 Pre-Columbian Art

Hispanic Studies
230 Hispanic Literature in Translation
260 Cultural Production of the Spanish-Speaking World
360 Latin America and Spain:  Pre-Columbian to Baroque
370 Latin America and Spain: Enlightenment to the Present
440 Topics in Hispanic Literatures (when focus is on Latin America)
444 Hispanic Community Practicum (when focus is on Latin America)
446 Special Topics in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures (when focus is on Latin America)
450 Special Topics (when focus is on Latin America)

141 Colonial Latin American History
142 Modern Latin American History
242 Borderlands: U.S.-Mexico Border, 16th Century to Present
345 Race and Nation in Latin America
347 Modern Mexico: Culture, Politics, and Economic Crisis
348 Modern Cuba
400 Reading Colloquium (when focus is on Latin America)
450 History Seminar (when focus is on Latin America)

International Affairs
231 Latin American Politics
430 International Affairs Seminar (when thesis is on Latin America)

Latin American Studies
LAS 200 Latin American Cultural Studies

Overseas Programs
IS 280 Contemporary Cuban Voices
IS 281 Community-Based Research
IS 282 Art and Culture in Modern Cuba
IS 284 Contemporary Ecuador

261 Gender and Sexuality in Latin America
266 Latin America in Cultural Perspective
349 Indigenous Peoples:  Identities and Politics
400 Senior Seminar and Thesis (when focus is on Latin America)

Music 106 - Intro To World Music
Music 237 - Music of Latin America

At least two of the courses used for the minor must be taken on campus at Lewis & Clark.

A minimum of 12 semester credits must be exclusive to the minor (in other words, may not be used in any other set of major or minor requirements). 

For more information and a detailed description of the courses in Latin American Studies, please refer to http://www.lclark.edu/college/departments/world_languages/latin_american_studies/.