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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I need to take the Spanish Placement Test (SPT)?

Yes.  If you have never studied Spanish before, then you may enroll in 101 without taking the exam, but all others must take it.  We do not allow students to self place.


 2. When can I take the test?

The online placement test is available in the summer and during advising periods.


3. What if I don’t have my Lewis & Clark e-mail address or account yet?

You need to create your LC e-mail account on the Web at: Account Management


4.  What does the Spanish Placement Test consist of and how long does it take?

There are 62 multiple-choice questions. You have one hour to complete the test. You may NOT stop and return to the test once you have started.


5.  I’m an incoming first-year, but I am not sure if I will take Spanish my first year. Should I still take the placement test right now?

If you think that you will be able to place out of the language requirement (i.e: you would place into SPAN 202 or above), then you should take it.  Keep in mind that your placement results will expire after one year (unless you place out of the foreign language requirement), and also that that language skills often decay over time.  If you don’t place out of the language requirement, then try to sign up for Spanish in your third year, you’ll have to take the placement exam again because it will have expired.


6. I took the Spanish Placement Test online during the summer and placed into 202.  Can I register for 202 now?  Have I fulfilled my foreign language requirement?

All students who place into 202 or higher are required to confirm their placement by taking a proctored exam on campus during New Student Orientation.  This is to ensure that the results are honest and accurate.  Once you have confirmed your placement, you may register for an upper level course. All incoming students who score highly on the exam will have to wait until NSO to register for these courses as well.


7. I already took the test but I feel like I should have done better on it. Can I retake it?

No. The SPT can only be taken once per academic year.  You may not take it multiple times to improve your level.  If you are in a course and feel that it is not the appropriate level for you, discuss this with your professor.


8. I’m currently taking Spanish 102, but I feel like I already know the material and would like to jump ahead to 201 or 202.  Can I retake the SPT to jump ahead?

No.  You may not take the SPT if you are enrolled in or have already taken a Spanish course at Lewis & Clark College.  If you are in a course and feel that it is not the appropriate level for you, discuss this with your professor.


9. I took Spanish 102 last spring semester, then spent the summer studying in Chile.  Can I retake the SPT to show what I’ve learned?

Yes.  Spending a prolonged period of time in a Spanish speaking country counts as experience speaking Spanish.  It is recommended that you take the SPT to determine your current language proficiency.

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